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PM eVIDYA: The government of India has launched the eVidyaprogram for all the students of India, the initiative was taken by the Union Finance Minister, Mrs Nirmala Sitharam. During the covid-19 situation, the one thing that affected the most was students’ education and their learning. The government introduced this program on 30th May 2020 for the betterment of the student’s future.

Through this program, all the top universities will be teaching students on online mode. This program has helped many students to keep in touch with their studies, this will help nearly 25 crores of school-going students across the country. We will be informing you about the PM eVidya program, its objectives, and its benefits of the program in this article. So read the article till the end to know more about PM eVIDYA.




The eVidya program is to educate all the students of the country during the covid- 19 situation, as the situation was getting worse and everything was closed in the country. This pandemic has left a huge impact on the education of students. Parents, teachers, and most important students were very worried about their studies and classes which were missed because of the pandemic. But thanks to the government of India, they think of students and their education so much that they venture this program for all the students.

PM eVIDYA- Overview Table

Article CategoryEducation program
Article typePM eVIDYA
Name of the programPM eVIDYA
Launched by Government of India
Launch date30th May 2020
ObjectiveTo provide education digitally in every corner of India
BeneficiaryAll the students across India

Pradhan Mantri eVIDYA One Nation One Digital Platform Objective

The purpose to launch the eVidya program was to give proper education to all students even during the lockdown period. All the top teachers in the country will come live and teach all the students online, students will be able to ask their queries and will get exercise to do so that they can revise their subjects. For all the subjects, different teachers will be helping students with their studies. During this pandemic, many programs and portals have been launched for students so that this pandemic does not affect their studies.

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Benefits of Pradhan Mantri eVIDYA

This program brings a lot of benefits to all the students as well as teachers too, if you want to know about the benefits of the program then below we have mentioned some benefits of this program.

  • Classes will be taken on online mode.
  • The syllabus will be covered all the subjects.
  • You will prepare for your examination by practising some exercises.
  • You can choose your schedule for your studies.
  • You will be able to see both live and recorded sessions
  • The session will be of 1 to 2 hours.

PM eVIDYA various Programs

There are various programs launched under the Ministry of education, all the online sessions will be done on these portals. The government has taken the initiative to launch all these portals for the better education of all students during the pandemic. All the students who are in remote areas and one who are preparing themselves for competitive exams. Here are different portals for all the students.

  • Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA)- DIKSHA is a portal and a mobile application for all students. It is launched by the MHRD government of India, the portal has all kinds of e-books and e-content related to the subjects.
  • Swayam Portal – The swayam portal can be accessed by anyone, the portal has all subjects. Students will be able to search for subjects from class 9th till postgraduate. This platform will show all the contents that you have been taught by the teacher in the classroom.
  • Swayam Prabha TV Channels – The portal was inaugurated on 7th July 2017 for all the students, it is a group of DTH channels which telecasts educational programs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The channel operates by using the GAST 15 satellite.
  • Extensive use of radio, community radio and programmes- Extensive radio programs will broadcast various educational programs for all the students who live in remote areas. For students who are unable to access the internet in those areas, this is the best way for them to study their preferred subjects. You can also check all the recordings of the radio programme on the NIOS portal 24*7.
  • Special e-content for CWSN- This program is designed for all visually and hearing-impaired learners. For students who have visually impaired the study material for them is created in Digitally Accessible Information System (DAISY). You will be able to check the study material in Swayam Prabha on channel number 30. For all the hearing-impaired learners the program NIOS will be prepared in sign language for them. The recorded content is sent to all the students on DVD.
  • Online coaching for Competitive Examination – Online coaching is been introduced for all the students who are preparing for NEET, JEE and other competitive examinations. The Higher education department has come up with this online learning for competitive exams. All the content is available on this portal for students.

Features of Diksha Portal (One Nation One Digital Platform)

Diksha portal is a storehouse of many e-books and e-contents which every student will be able to access. The content on this portal is in 15 different languages from classes 1 to 12. Here are some features of the Diksha portal.

  1. QR Code- All the teachers and students will be able to access all the study material by scanning the QR code which is available on their NCERT books. After scanning the code the portal will open, and it will suggest to you the topics related to the subject.
  2. Language – This portal has language features also, there are a total of 15 languages in this portal you can choose your preferred language and get all your topics in that language only.
  3. Location-based– There is a very special feature in this portal, you can choose your location in this portal. By selecting the location the portal will show you the course that is going on in that region. You can choose the subject according to you and take a skill test for yourself.
  4. Class-based – The DIKSHA portal will show you the topics on the basis of your class and the subject you choose. You just have to select the class and subject on the portal and then submit the information. The class-wise course will appear before you, and you can do as many exercises as you want to attempt.

Diksha Portal Advantages

The information about the DIKSHA portal is already mentioned above on this page, this portal has many advantages for all students as well as for teachers and parents also. Here we have mentioned the advantages of this portal.

Advantage For Teachers-

  • All the teachers will be able to find out teaching materials that can make the class more interesting.
  • You can also share the topics with other teachers so that they can explain all the difficult topics to the students.
  • You can also apply for any professional course and then after you have completed the course you will be awarded with a badge and certificate.
  • You can also check your teaching history in this portal.
  • You can also conduct digital assessments to check how much the students have learned from the syllabus.

Advantage For Students and Parents-

  • All the parents can get access to the portal on their mobile phones so that they can track the activities of their children.
  • Students can scan the QR code in the book and then they will be able to see the topic related to the course.
  • You can also revise the lesson which you have studied in your class.
  • If you have any difficulty in any of the topics then you can find the related material on this platform.
  • In this platform, you will also get the practice sheet in which you can check your knowledge of the related subject. You will get the instant result of the practice if it is wrong or right, you will get to know about it.

DIKSHA Application Highlights

DIKSHA is a huge initiative taken by the government of India, this has really helped all the students of India. On one hand, where the world was suffering from the pandemic on the other hand the government was making every possible way to make sure that the education of all students should not get influenced by the pandemic. So they have launched this application for each and every student, here are some of the highlights of the application.

  • You can explore a number of study material that is created for all the students and teachers of India.
  • Teachers from top universities will be teaching different subjects.
  • You can scan the QR code to get the study material related to your course.
  • You can also select the location of your region and then the study material will appear according to your selected region.
  • You will be able to do the exercise that you have practised in the classroom.
  • The course will be available in your preferred language, and the portal access 15 different languages for students all over the country.
  • There is a special program for hearing-impaired learners and visually impaired learners in the DIKSHA portal.
  • You can select your preferred timing and can see the recorded or online classes of the subjects.

Procedure to check PM eVIDYA Services?

There are various services provided in the eVidya portal for all students and teachers. Here are some points to check all the services provided by the government of India.

  • To check the service of eVidya you have to visit the official website of eVidya i.e.
  • After you have dropped into the official site then click on the DIKSHA option which you can see at the top of the home page.
  • Now on the next page under DIKSHA the link for the site will be available, click on that link and then you will be redirected to a DIKSHA site.
  • Then after you have reached the site then click on the explore DIKSHA option, which is available on the top left side of the main page.
  • Post that on the new page, you have to select the Board, medium and class.
  • After you have selected the option then you have to click on the submit option.
  • On the next page, the content of the related class will appear before you.

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