BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2023 Online: Fees, Apply Process, BH Series Rules

BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2023 The Ministry of Roads, Transport, and Highways of the current ruling BJP government recently announced the BH Bharat Series and is set to introduce the same in September 2021. One shall check here to learn more about the BH vehicle number eligibility, registration process, format, rule, benefits etc.

Latest: Pune RTO is expecting a 45% rise in BH Bharat Series Registrations.


BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2023

On August 28th, 2021. The Ministry of Roads, Transport, and Highways announced the awaited Bharat BH vehicle Series. The New Seamless Model of the BH Vehicle Plate is ready for the transition and was functional from 15th September 2021 thus, eliminating the former inconvenient model of the Vehicle’s State Relocation and verification.

BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2021

BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2023: Overview

Name of the SchemeBH Bharat Series
Ministry Ministry of Road Transport and Highways ( MORTH )
Launched ByMr Nitin Gadkari ( MORTH Minister )
Launched On28th August 2021
PurposeProviding BH Number plates to the Vehicles
Registration StatusActive from 15th September 2021
Article CategoryScheme Registration
Mode of RegistrationBoth Online and Offline
Official BH Bharat Series Link
MORTH Minister Website

BH Bharat Series Number Plate Eligibility Criteria

BH Bharat Vehicle number has a confined reach and applies to some of the limited customers only. Given below are the criteria for the consumers who are allowed to keep the BH Bharat Number:

  • The applicant needs to be a bonafide citizen of India.
  • The applicant shall hail from the Defence Background.
  • They should be state government or a central government employee
  • Candidates associated with the private MNCs shall apply in case the MNC has a presence in over 4 or more states.

Former State Number Plate Relocation Registration process?

Not to be confused with the latest BH Series Registration Process, we have mentioned the former process of Vehicle Relocation Registration below:

  • To initiate the BH Number Registration cycle, the vehicle owner needs to obtain the Non-Objection Certificate ( NOC ) from the state it was purchased in.
  • A New Registration Mark is alloted for the registered vehicle on a proportional basis once the road tax is paid in the new state
  • At last on the same proportion the candidate files for the Refund Application which is approved by the parent state

MP HSRP Number Plate Apply Online

New BH Vehicle Registration Process

All the candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria for the BH Bharat Vehicle can successfully apply for BH Series Registration Mark 2023. Here we have tried to help the candidates through the mention of the procedure below:

  • The candidate needs to provide the Application in the issuance of the New BH Vehicle Plate or submit the BH Vehicle Registration Form to the Regional Transport Office ( RTO ) from where the Certified papers of the vehicle were created.
  • Once the BH Series Application is approved, the applicant will require to verify the documents denoting his / her Employment (on the grounds of MORTH )
  • After the documentation, the vehicle owner will require to pay the Road tax of the vehicle as per the 2, 4 years etc. or from the date of purchase if in case the tax is not fully paid.
  • At last when the BH Vehicle Application Process is completed, within weeks, the BH Vehicle Plate Number will be issued to the applicant.

Note: The vehicle owner should keep updated non-commercial/commercial vehicle documents.

Bharat Series Vehicle Number Format

As per the order set by the MORTH, the BH Vehicle Series will have an unconventional vehicle format. The PIB release states the BH Series Vehicle Registration Mark to be set in this format:

YY BH #### XX

  • The YY in the initial displays the Year of Registration
  • The 2nd BH Code stands for BHARAT
  • The #### hashtags denote the random 4 numbers from 0000 to 9999.
  • The last XX are generally the Serial Number of the vehicle series starting in Alphabetical order.

BH Bharat Series Application Cost

As per the statement of the Transport Minister Mr Nitin Gadkari, the BH Series implication was active from 15th September 2021 onward on the rules of the Central Motor Vehicle. The BH Bharat Application Fees comprise the following details:

  • In case the Vehicle price lies below 10 lakhs, then the vehicle tax of 8% is charged for the BH Bharat Application.
  • For the vehicles lying between Rs 10 to 20 lakhs, an invoice of 10% tax is issued.
  • If the vehicle exceeds the purchase cost of Rs 20 lakh, then the owner is entitled to a 12% vehicle tax in the favour of application fee

BH Bharat Vehicle Series Benefits

Bharat Vehicle Series is a vision one of its kind that promises Immense benefits to the beneficiaries. What advantage the BH Bharat Series has over the traditional system is given below:

  • The BH Series India brings the ease of vehicle transfer to inter-states or any of the states smoothly.
  • The Introduction of the BH Series eliminates the Re-registration of vehicles in the current state of travel and the NOC Certificate which was mandatory in the first place.
  • The BH Series will make it easier to distinguish the Defence personnel, PSU/Central/State Government and MNCs Employees.
  • The BH Series implementation will ensure the removal of Refund from the initial state which is quite a time-taking process.

BH Series Rule

As per the new system implemented for the BH Series Vehicle, the Transport ministry now facilitates the applicant to completely apply in a digital manner. The Amendment to Rule 47 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule Act, 1989 has been done making the BH Series Vehicle to be exempted from Re-Registration in the new state.

BH Series Helpline

In case of any hindrance regarding the central motor vehicle rule, BH vehicle function, or process, the candidate should feel free to connect with the Official Helpdesk of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways ( MORTH ) @

BH Series Number-FAQs

What is the Format for BH Bharat Number?

The BH Bharat Number will come as – YY BH 0000 XX.

Can a student apply for the BH Bharat Series?

No. Not every civilian can apply for the BH vehicle series. It is reserved for Government employees, military personnel, and MNC executives.

Will the government amend Article 47 for the BH Number Plate Series?

Yes. The introduction of the BH vehicle series removes the implementation of Article 47 which states that the vehicle owner is bound to re-register the vehicle for 12 months in case of driving for a long time in another state.

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