JNVST 2023 Syllabus Exam Pattern For Class 6th And 9th

The application procedure for the JNVST entrance exam will come to an end on 31st Jan 2023. For class 6, entrance examinations will take place on 29th April 2023. It is a National Level Examination for students from all over India. Lakhs of students participate in the examination to get admission to Jawahar Navodaya Schools depicts the significance of this examination. The students try their very best in order to clear this entrance examination in order to avail the various benefits that the Vidyalaya provides. The students can enjoy various advantages like the advantages in the sports field.

This entrance examination is purely based on talent. Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti conducts an examination under the affiliation of the CBSE. In this article, we have provided information related to JNVST 2023 syllabus exam pattern for classes 6th and 9th. Candidates should stick with the syllabus of examinations to perform extravagantly in the examinations. Working hard for the examination and being persistent allows the students to crack the examination without much difficulty.


JNVST Syllabus Exam Pattern 2023

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya selection test will be conducted on it’s scheduled date for Class 6th Admission 2023. Examination centres are distributed all over India and the examination mode is offline which means that the examination is OMR sheet based. The Paper will be translated into different languages. Regional candidates can select any language out of the 21 languages in which the paper will be available.

JNVST Syllabus

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JNVST Class VI Exam Pattern 2023-24

The examination pattern for Jawahar Navodaya class 6th is given below. This examination will consist of objective-type questions. The section is provided. There are no negative marks for wrong answers. Candidates should perform their best in order to get there on the merit list. Candidates should clear cut off. Paper is subdivided as below:-

  1. A total of 120 minutes is provided to solve the paper.
  2. Classes of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya will be conducted in Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, English, Hindi, Garo, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Manipuri, etc
  3. The examination is OMR-based. It is compulsory to clear sections and aggregate to be in the merit list.

Mental Ability

  1. This section consists of 50% weightage
  2. Maximum time is also provided for this ability
  3. The mental ability section will consist of questions like the odd one out, pattern completion, figure matching, figure series, completion analogue in geometrical figure completion, and Mirror image on the whole pattern.
  4. Space visualisation, embedded figure
  5. This section will help to check the ability of the candidate to think
  6. Scoring better in the section is not that tough
  7. However, the Presence of Mind is required
  8. This comes under our ability to think beyond concept and find relation in pattern
  9. Candidate should more focus on this section

Arithmetic Test

  1. This section consists of the number and numeric system
  2. For fundamental operation on the whole number
  3. Rational number and factors and multiplication including their property
  4. LCM and HCF of numbers are there
  5. Decimal and fundamental operation on them
  6. Profit loss, simple interest, distance time, unit conversion of the fraction to decimal, and vice versa
  7. Application of number in measure length mass capacity and time money etc
  8. Approximation of expression simplification of numerical expression percentage and its application. Perimeter area and volume.
  9. Arithmetic test questions will be of level 5th. So paper can be a broad syllabus but the level of the paper will not tough.
  10. All the candidates should prepare very well because maybe the paper level is not tough but the competition level will be very high

Language Test

  1. This section will consist of comprehensive passages and grammar.
  2. In Grammar, it will consist of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunction, etc
  3. A comprehensive passage will consist of a paragraph given some questions related to this paragraph will be asked.

JNVST 2023 Syllabus Exam Pattern for Class IX

It is a descriptive/objective-type question paper. This paper will be available in only 2 languages i.e., English and Hindi. A total of 150 minutes will be granted to candidates. There are a total of hundred questions each carrying one mark that are to be solved in the given time. There will be no negative marking for a wrong answer. This paper will consist of the following subdivisions:-

1. English Test

Unseen and comprehension passage, word substitution, application, para jumbled word and sentence structure, speech degrees model of memory use of preposition voice etc.

2. Mathematics Test

Number system, square, square root, cube, cube root, direct and Inverse proportion, profit loss simple and compound interest, discount algebraic expression, identity including factorization, bar graph pie chart data interpretation, probability linear equation in one variable, mensuration understanding quadrilateral parallelogram volume of cube kite rhombus etc.

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3. Science

Production of crops and their management, food preservation, plastic synthetic fibre material, for Petroleum fossil fuel material refining of Petroleum, metal and non-metal combustion and Flame. Living and non-living, various states of material conservation of plant and animal. Structure of cell and its function.

Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks age of adolescence and various stages of human. Reproduction system Asexual and bisexual reproduction. Forces pressure optics human eye and its care light sound current electricity. Pollution of water and air natural phenomena such as lighting stars and constellations are the solar system planet etc.

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FAQs on JNVST 2023 Syllabus Exam Pattern

What is the date for the class 6 Jawahar Navodaya examination?

Jawahar Navodaya entrance examination for Class 6 will occur on 29th April 2023.

What are the basic test sections for the class 6 examination?

This includes mental ability, automatic ability, and language test

What are the test sections for the lateral entry examination for the 9th class?

Questions will be asked from sections like English, Hindi maths science.

What is the provision for the deduction of marks for the wrong answers?

There is no such provision. No negative marks for the wrong answers. Candidates can attempt as many questions as they want.

What is the complete syllabus for Jawahar Navodaya class 9?

The complete syllabus regarding this examination is discussed above. The candidate should prepare according to the syllabus and in concrete mode.

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