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TNPDS Ration Card: As we all are aware with a fact the Ration Card is an important document issued by the government for availing Civil supplies through PDS at very affordable prices. This is the reason; Governments keep updating the PDS system for better service delivery. Along the same line, introducing TNPDS Ration Card is one of the innovative steps of Tamil Nadu to make the PDS and ration system digital and more transparent.   

The plan to fully digitalise the PDS system in Tamil Nadu was launched in the year 2015. Jayalalitha, the former CM of the state Tamil Government announced the smart card scheme back in 2012 but it was launched in 2017. After the Implementation of the Smart Family Card Scheme, the regular ration cards were been replaced by Smart family cards.


TNPDS Ration Card 2024

Tamil Nadu Government released a Smart card scheme to make the PDS system more digital and faster. These smart cards are linked with the registered mobile numbers of each beneficiary. To convert regular ration cards into smart cards, beneficiaries were sent an OTP/pin and based on that they had to visit the concerned Ration shop and had to collect the smart card from there. By this time, almost all the ration cardholders have converted their regular ration card into TNPDS Smart ration cards.

The PDS system comes under the purview of the Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection Department which caters to all the activities related to civil supplies in the state of Tamil Nadu. The complete procedure of PDS is carried out online through the TNPDS portal. On this portal, citizens can submit an online application for smart cards and check other related information and updates.        

If you are looking for information on the TNPDS ration card and all its related components such as the Application process, status, documents required, eligibility criteria etc. can go through this article.

TNPDS Smart  Ration Card

TNPDS Smart Ration Card: An Overview  

TitleTNPDS Smart Ration Card
CategoryTN Govt. Scheme
StateTamil Nadu
SchemeSmart Family Card Scheme
Total Districts39
Concerned DepartmentCivil Supplies & Consumer Protection Department
BeneficiaryTN Citizens  
Mobile ApplicationAvailable
Mode of applicationOnline
Official TNPDS

Types of Smart Cards in Tamil Nadu  

Like other states, Ration cards are not distributed based on the income level of the citizen in Tamil Nadu. Ration card classifications like APL, BPL etc. do not exist here in the state. Ration cards here are issued based on the needs of the citizens. Check the categories under which smart cards are allotted to the families and types of Smarts Cards given as under-

Type Of CardCommodities Entitled
PHHAll commodities
PHH-AAYAll Commodities including rice of 35Kgs
NPHHAll Commodities
NPHH-SAll Commodities except Rice
NPHH-NCNo Commodity
  • PHH Cards- Priority Household card holders are provided all the essential commodities from Fair Price Shops.
  • PHH-AAY Cards- PHH- Antyodaya Ann Yojana (AAY) Card holders are allotted all the necessary commodities from Fair Price Shop (FPS) which also include 35 kg rice.  
  •  NPHH Cards- Families having NPHH cards can also draw all the commodities.
  •  NPHH-S Cards- These cardholders are provided all the essential commodities except rice from the Fair Price Shops.
  • NPHH- NC Cards- These cardholders are not provided with any essential commodities from FPS.
  • Apart from the aforementioned categories of smart cards, Police cards are issued to the people employed in Police Dept. upto the level of inspectors. These card holders are provided essential ration card commodities such as Rice, wheat, Toor dal, and palm oil, (50%) half of the PDS issue price.  However, they are provided Kerosene at PDS rates.

Commodities Distributed

Essential commodities are distributed through Fair Price Shops established at various localities of the state. Check the list of all the commodities along with the issue price and monthly supply quantity tabulated below-   

CommodityPrice per KG/Ltr.Supply Per month
RiceFree of cost since 1st June 201135 kg/month free to AAY beneficiaries 4 kg/adult and 2 kg/child (age of below 12 yrs) subject to a min, of 12 kilos and a max. of 20 kilos per family card (except Nilgiris district) An additional quantity of 4 kgs of Rice for free to each family (for Nilgiris district) card at free of cost.  
Wheat@ Rs.7.5010 Kg per month to each card in Chennai City & District Head Quarters and 5 Kg per month to each family in other areas. (it is subject to availability of ration as Govt. allots a limited quantity)  
SugarSugar @ Rs.13.50 (For AAY cards)

@ Rs.25.00 for other cards   
500 Gms/month per head.   For Sugar option family cards an additional 3 kg of sugar in place of Rice         
Toor DalRs.30/Kg1 kg per card/per month
KeroseneRs.13.60 – 14.20 per LtrFrom 3 to 15 Ltr. per card. Depends on the possession of LPG Cylinders and the location of the cardholder
Palm OilRs.25 per kg1 Ltr per card/per month

How to Check TNPDS Ration Card?

Tamil Nadu Smart cardholders can check their smart card application status through the online portal. If you have recently applied for Smart Card and waiting for it, then you can check the following steps-

  • Start by opening the official website of TNPDS.
  • On the homepage of the portal, click on the “Smart Card Application Status” link given under the Smart Card Application Services option.
    TN PDS Smart-ration-carD STATUS
  • The status search page will open in front of you.
  • Now, you have to enter the reference number in the space provided. References number is sent to the registered mobile number at the time of registration for the smart card.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
  • Application Status will display.  

TN Ration Card Application   

TNPDS Smart Card application can be made in three ways. These are explained below-

TNPDS Smart Card Online Application (Using Portal)

To fill application for a smart card through the official portal, you can follow the given instructions-

  • Go to the official portal first

You have to visit the official portal of the TNPDS system first. The link to the same is provided below.

  • Click on Smart Card Application 

In this step, you have to click on the “Smart Card Application” link given under Smart Card Application Services icon on the homepage.

TNPDS Smart  Ration Card application
  • Select the Application Option as per the requirement

On this page, you have to select among the two options i.e. New Smart Card (fresh applicants) or Old Card Enrolment (Already having an old ration card). You can click on the respective option as per your requirement.

  • Fill In details

Now, you have to fill in all the details, like personal and address, correctly in the respective fields. Do not forget to fill in all the mandatory blocks.

TNPDS Smart ration card application
  • Upload Documents

Upload a photograph, ration card (as required) and proof of residence in the prescribed format.

  • Mark Declaration and Preview

After filling in all the entries and uploading documents, mark the declaration. Preview and cross-check filled-in details carefully before submission. 

  • Submit Application

After checking all the details, click on the “Submit” button.

  • Reference Number

After the successful submission of the application form, an application reference number will be generated. This number will be sent to the registered mobile number of the applicant. Keep this number safe as it is used to check application status.

TN Ration Card Online Application (Using Portal)

Those who cannot apply online can also apply for Smart cards offline. Applicants can apply offline by following the given instructions-

  • Applicants have to visit the concerned FPS/ Ration shop.
  • Collect the Smart card application form.
  • Fill in the details and attach the required documents.
  • Submit the application form and take the receipt.

Details to be Filled

You are required to fill following details in the online application form-

  • Name of the head of the family
  • Father’s name/ Husband
  • Complete Address
  • District
  • Taluk, Village
  • Pincode
  • Mobile No.
  • Email Address
  • Details of a family member (Name, Gender, Date of birth, relationship, action)
  • Card Option
  • Proof of Residence
  • Gas Connection details
  • Declaration  

Documents Required

Along with the application form, applicants also have to enclose some important documents with the same. They have to upload/ attach the following documents with the application form-

  • Proof of Residence, which could be any of the following-
    – Aadhaar Card
    – The electricity bill,
    – Front book passbook,
    – Gas Consumer Card,
    – Property Tax in case of own house,
    – Rent Agreement (For tenants)
    – Passport
    – Allotment order from slum clearance board  
    – Telephone Bill
    – Voter Identity Card
  • Photograph of the Head of the family (should be less than 5 MB)
  • Old Ration card (if the old ration card enrolment option selected)  

Services Available on TNPDS Portal  

The online PDS portal of Tamil Nadu provides numerous services related to Civil Services to the citizens of the state. As the PDS system is completely digital here, citizens can visit the TNPDS website to gather any kind of information.

In this section, we have listed down all the services and information that you can avail yourself of through the official portal. So, have a quick look at all the services available-

  • Status of EPDS Implementation in the state
  • Family card details  
  • Smart Card Application services (include an online application for smart card and application status)   
  • Smart Card-related services- Add Member, Change Address, Family Head member change, Deletion of a family member, Card-related service request status  
  • Reprint Smart Card (include reprint smart card and smart card status)  
  • Login service for Citizens and Departments  
  • Various Reports        
  • SMS Services   
  • Complaint and Grievance Redressal   
  • Card Conversion Service  
  • Flash News etc.               

Reprint Smart    

You can also reprint your smart online using the portal. Check the simple procedure shared as under to reprint TN Smart cards online-

  • Go to the official portal.
  • Click on the “Reprint Smart” card option on the homepage.
  • Enter your registered mobile number in the space provided and the captcha code.
  • Click on Submit button.
  • Reprint details will appear. Now, you can reprint a smart card.

TNPDS Smart Ration Card Related Services

Smart card users can avail of various services related to smart cards through the online portal. In case they wish to add a member to their card, change address, change the head of the family, remove a family member, or wish to check the status of a card-related service request, then they just have to visit the portal.

On the homepage, they can click on any of the aforesaid service links. After that, they have to log in using the registered mobile number and can avail of the respective service.

Convert Your Ration Card

As we have mentioned above smart cards are issued to TN citizens under various categories. In case a family is willing to avail commodities under the PDS then they can surrender their existing card and can convert it into a No commodity card.  

This conversion of cards can be done online. Have a look at the simple steps shared as under to convert your card into a no-commodity card-

  • Open the official portal.
  • Click on the “Convert Your Card” option.
  • Now, log in with your registered mobile no.
  • Request for card conversion.
  • Once, the request will be processed, your card will be converted into a no commodity card.      

TNPDS Registration

To avail of TNPDS services whether from an online portal or in offline mode, citizens should have registered their card with their mobile number. This helps to register citizen’s mobile numbers with the state PDS system and it is beneficial for citizens as well as for the Department.

There are three means by which Citizens can register their mobile with the PDS system. These methods include-

  • At the Point of Sale: It means, you can simply visit your Fair Price Shop (FPS) or simply ration shop and get it registered by the shopkeeper.
  • Through Online portal- You can also register through TN PDS online portal.
  • Through Mobile Application- Citizens can also register their number using the mobile app.

There are various benefits of registering mobile numbers for citizens. Have a look at some of the main advantages of linking mobile numbers with your PDS systems listed below-

  • Cardholder can easily view their ration card details
  • They can also view family member’s details
  • You can check the address
  • Can view the Aadhaar Numbers of family members
  • They can view their transaction details and entitlements
  • Can view feedback and provide new feedback
  • Can check your grievance and raise a new grievance
  • Can make changes in ration cards online    

Complaint Registration  

In case they have any issue related to TNPDS and wish to submit complaints they can also do so. Complaints can be filed using the online portal. The process to register an online complaint is given below-

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on the “Register a Complaint” tab.
  • Fill in details like name, mobile number, email, classification, and problem description and click on the “Submit” button.
  • After successful registration, a complaint number will be generated.
  • Keep this complaint number safe.

TNPDS Complaint Status

After complaint registration, you can also check the complaint status.

  • On the same page of complaint, registration click on complaint status.
  • Enter the complaint number and proceed.
  • Complaint status will display.

Important Links

Login HereCitizen login
Login Department login
Apply HereTN Smart Ration Card Online Registration
Home PageNVSRO Home


How to apply for a TNPDS Smart Ration card?

Citizens can apply online as well in offline mode for the smart card.

How to log in on the TNPDS online portal?

You can log in using the registered mobile number.

Is there any mobile application available for the Tamilnadu PDS system?

Yes, along with the online portal citizens can also avail of PDS services through mobile apps. These apps are available for both android and ios platforms.

Can we change the address on the smart card?

Yes, citizens can change addresses and avail of other smart card services through the portal.

What to do if I do not want PDS commodities but have a commodity card?

You can convert your card into a no-PDS commodity by submitting a request through the portal.

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